How come cannabis isnt showing sex. How to Determine the Sex of a Cannabis Plant

How come cannabis isnt showing sex

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There is nothing wrong with this method but it does present a few drawbacks that can be avoided with early detection methods. On the other hand, female plants that grow male sex organs can pollinate themselves and other nearby female plants. After planting marijuana seeds and letting the plants vegetate for a while, the next step is to determine the sex of the plants also known as sexing. It can also be used with a full 24 hours of continuous light. Marijuana can also distort judgment and lower inhibitions , which may lead to risky sexual behavior. During flowering, it is important to make sure your plants receive a minimum of 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness each night with the exception of auto-flowering strains. About half called the drug sex-enhancing, but half said it was not.

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How come cannabis isnt showing sex. First, for all the young ones in this industry, we need to talk about the birds and bees.

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