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And this is only one lens we could bring to just one precinct transformed by the revolution; there are many, many more. If this is achieved, nothing more is required. The standards of sexual morality in this society are derived from the Judeo Christian tradition. What has remained constant in our culture for centuries is a puritanical view of sex as a dark force, the wild side of human nature that society must tame. One woman, who has worked as a call girl in Marin, sees herself as a "sexual healer," providing a service that men need, but can't get because of repressive social attitudes. This says more about the paucity of women's economic opportunities than it does about the degradation of female sex workers.

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Negative sexual revolution. Demography has now even started to work against the modern welfare state, which has become harder to sustain as fewer children have been produced to replace aging parents.

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