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A trivial beginning I couldn't believe it had come to this Bernadette or Bernie as she prefers with Joan and Lydia are on their lunch time helping another employee. The oldest child was 8 and youngest almost 10 months old. Christi Oct 8, Tonight my desire was to be nurtured, no one can nurture like a woman so I made sure to get just what I wanted by inviting a couple old friends over for the night. Thanks to MAB for his editing and story suggestions. Begin Slideshow Illustrated by: The following are […] Written by jimmybeeps, January 17th, Monday at the hospital cafeteria the Gangbang Girls Bernie, Joan and Lydia talk about their days off.

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Sex fanastys storys. We got home and […] Written by jimmybeeps, January 30th, Ernesto the 50 year old bank president is taking his cute little lover 25 year old girlfriend Bernie to NYC.

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