Sex offender sentencing alternative.

Sex offender sentencing alternative

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If the conviction results from a guilty plea, the offender must, as part of his or her plea of guilty, voluntarily and affirmatively admit he or she committed all of the elements of the crime to which the offender is pleading guilty. Call us for help at to schedule a free initial consultation. It is extremely helpful to have the victim of your offense agree to recommend this sentencing alternative, as well as the prosecutor. Examinations and treatment ordered pursuant to this subsection shall only be conducted by certified sex offender treatment providers or certified affiliate sex offender treatment providers under chapter Sex offenses are among the most serious criminal charges that you could face. Prior to the treatment termination hearing, the treatment provider and community corrections officer shall submit written reports to the court and parties regarding the offender's compliance with treatment and monitoring requirements, and recommendations regarding termination from treatment, including proposed community custody conditions.

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Sex offender sentencing alternative. The court shall give great weight to the victim's opinion whether the offender should receive a treatment disposition under this section.

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