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Thus, the speed of follicle maturation increases more and more a positive feedback effect as estrogen increases. As the ovarian follicles mature and the granulosa cells divide and multiply and grow in number, so too does the ovarian output of the female reproductive hormone: Male cats tend to eat more than females, however, they spend less time hunting. Treading is when the female cat in lordosis posture lifts each back foot alternately, in rapid succession, such that she appears to be "walking on the spot" i. Sydney, , Mosby Inc. Although the increased LH levels do have an important, albeit more later-stage, role to play in the final ripening and maturation of the ovarian follicles, the increased LH levels have another more important function that has not yet been mentioned: Pretend that this is old-fashioned filmography very old fashioned.

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Sexual activity cats. Male cats can detect a female cat approaching heat much better than we humans can.

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