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We carry thigh-high boots with super high heels for those days when you want to really turn some heads, you'll also love our flat thigh-high boots that are perfect for more casual outfits. DEMONIA's no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners attitude is equally desirable to both female and male fans of the alternative underground culture. Embracing the glamour and femininity of the most celebrated eras in fashion of the last century, this footwear collection encompasses a whole new array of unique styles that include high heel stilettos, platform wedges, retro slides and peep-toe pumps in a flirty, playful spectrum of prints and colors. Pin Up Couture is a retro and vintage-inspired footwear collection that seeks to re-create, in tune with the latest fashion trends, the old time favorites known not only for their memorabilia factor but also their mass appeal. With its ornate detailing and dazzling accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones, and luscious laces, BORDELLO shoes and boots are the perfect complement to the wildly extravagant colorful costumes, theatrical themes, and dramatic lighting that define all burlesque performances globally.

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